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Facebook and Google track what porn you’re watching, even when you’re in incognito

Isobel Asher Hamilton

  • Porn sites are riddled with web trackers, including from Google, Facebook, and Oracle, according to researchers at Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Pennsylvania.
  • More than 22,484 porn sites were analyzed, of which 74% were found to contain Google trackers. Oracle had trackers on 24% and Facebook on 10%.
  • Google and Facebook said data from these trackers was not used to build marketing profiles of users.

Facebook, Google, and Oracle are tracking the porn you watch, according to a new study first spotted by The New York Times.

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How Psychedelic Surf Smugglers Invented Dabs (With Help From the CIA?)

Who invented the dab?

All too often in the world of cannabis such monumental achievements end up lost to history, particularly those that date back to the bad old days of total prohibition. But in this case, we actually have a primary document to work off. Because on October 3, 1973, the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary held a rather unique hearing entitled Hashish Smuggling and Passport Control: The Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

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Do Cannabis Sublingual Strips Really Work? Yes—Here’s How

Hey, it goes under the tongue not on the tongue.

As the cannabis market grows, consumption methods are expanding beyond bongs, joints, and edibles.  Now you can put a tiny strip of cannabis film under your tongue.

Sublingual strips have quickly become a burgeoning part of the market because of their fast-acting effectiveness and discreetness. But how exactly do these tiny little film strips work?

Sublingual cannabis strips work by interacting with the body’s oral mucosa, the absorbent membranes under your tongue.

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Gianna Dior Named Penthouse Pet of the Year

CYBERSPACE — Adult star Gianna Dior has been named Penthouse Pet of the Year.

“So honored to be named 2019 Penthouse Pet of the Year!,” Dior told XBIZ. “I couldn’t be more grateful for this title and I’m very excited for this incredible opportunity!! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and continues to support me!”

The California-born, Alabama-raised beauty is an in-demand Spiegler Girl who has been in the industry for only one year. She is a top performer for several well-established studios including Reality Kings, Naughty America, Cherry Pimps and Perv City.

She joins a growing list of adult performers being crowned Pet of the Year by the storied magazine brand, founded by Bob Guccione in the late 1960s, including Kenna James, Jena Sativa and Gina Valentina.

A Guide to Cannabis Concentrates What are concentrates, oils, and extracts?

Cannabis concentrates, oils, and extracts offer many unique benefits that you won’t find smoking flower. From easy, precise dosing to clean and refined flavors, concentrates focus on the ingredients in cannabis that matter most. In this 4-part series, you’ll learn the fundamentals of concentrates, explore product options, discover how extracts are made, and more.

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Instagram and the ‘War on Porn’

LOS ANGELES — For the past six weeks, XBIZ has been conducting an extensive investigation into the deletion of an unusually large number of Instagram accounts of adult performers since the beginning of this year.

Many of the victims, frustrated by what they see as a lack of transparency in the Instagram moderation process and the notoriously unresponsive customer service practices of the photo-sharing platform (and of its parent company, Facebook, and of fellow social media giant Twitter), suspected that the deletions were part of the ongoing “War on Porn” waged by anti-sex, religiously motivated lobbies.

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HomeBitcoin Price NewsBitcoin Price Shatters $11,000 on GBTC’s 37% Premium Over Skyrocketing Demand

In the past month, within a 30-day span, the bitcoin price has surged 60 percent against the U.S. dollar to about $8,500 as the valuation of the crypto market rose by $100 billion.

Major crypto assets such as ethereum, litecoin, and EOS have seen gains above 100 percent year-to-date, with Binance Coin, the seventh most valuable crypto asset in the global market, recording a staggering 437 percent gain against the USD.

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Instagram 101 for Adult Businesses

While a picture might be worth a thousand words, is it worth risking your business Instagram account? Gaming Adult share their Instagram experience so that you learn how to get the likes and keep the account.

While PornHub is trying to get their hands on Tumblr and restore its previous glory (and traffic), Instagram is being weirdly selective about which accounts to allow and which to take down. Apparently some butts are more equal than others (unlike nipples).

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5 Steps To Start A Successful Live Cam Business

Nagy Thomas

The world economy is slowly entering a recession and you’re asking how can you make money by starting a successful online business in the Streaming industry?

The Streaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. With over 113% growth per year and estimated to be $70 billion (61 billion. €) by 2021.

Whoever enters the market now will have the advantage of being a pioneer in a very successful industry. Possible niches you can target are Live Cam, Entertainment, Gaming, Astrology, Psychic, Consultancy, and E-Learning & Telemedicine.

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10 Cannabis-Fueled Cultural Movements That Changed the Game

David Bienenstock

Researchers from University College London published a paper entitled “Hyper-Priming in Cannabis Users” in 2010, which shows that consuming cannabis helps the human mind connect seemingly unrelated concepts more quickly and efficiently—the exact kind of thinking associated with heightened imagination, innovation, and creativity.

So you don’t just feel more creative when you’re stoned, you are more creative—at least potentially. But don’t take my word for it, here’s what famed astrophysicist Carl Sagan had to say on the subject:

There is a myth about [cannabis] highs: The user has an illusion of great insight, but it does not survive scrutiny in the morning. I am convinced that this is an error, and that the devastating insights achieved when high are real insights.

While the hyper-priming study only focuses on the way cannabis promotes creativity in a single individual, it’s certainly worth exploring how the heightened state engendered by the herb affects a group of artists and innovators when they all indulge and interact with each other.

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The Netflix of porn

The recently launched digital subscription platform boasts over 55,000 full-length scenes and includes special original series, sex docuseries and award-winning feature movies.

“The reception since we first opened our doors in January has been so overwhelmingly positive that our team has decided to kick open the floodgates and invite as many adult viewers out there to try our platform,” said Bree Mills, Head of Gamma Films and Official Spokesperson of the Adult Time brand.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a die-hard fan, a curious surfer, or someone who just wants a little something ‘extra’ to watch with your partner on a Friday night.”

Billed as the “Netflix of porn,” Adult Time brings together top studios and original content under one roof. Since its launch, Adult Time has released original niche series such as Shape Of Beauty, Transfixed, Lady Gonzo, Age & Beauty, Girls Under Arrest, Girlcore and more.

The new Adult Time platform is accessible to all members of Gamma Films studio sites.

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20-Year Survey Reveals Women’s Porn Preferences, Habits

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of, a female-led, female-focused ethical adult website and film studio. That makes one of the oldest adult websites—and certainly one of the oldest adult websites aimed at women. Founder and director Angie Rowntree says she knew that her work was different from the very beginning, and decided to take it a step further by involving her viewers in the process of creating groundbreaking adult content.

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