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Dom Nation

Mistress Venus enters to find her sub tightly bound and blindfolded and he is completely helpless and very hard. She toys with him and ensures his nipple clamps are extra tight before she tests his obedience. Venus has him deep throat her hard cock before she bends him over and fucks his tight ass and she shoots her cum into his mouth and makes him swallow her jizz.

Petite, sexy Leanne Lace

Petite, sexy Leanne Lace was spending a lazy day around the house wearing just a lacy bodysuit that showed off her round ass in all its glory while she played some pool. Handling the balls and hard stick really turned her on. The slender babe set the stick aside, climbed up onto the pool table, and unsnapped the crotch of her bodysuit so she could get easy access to her shaved, tight pussy. The rest of the bodysuit came off pretty quickly when she laid down and used one hand to play with her perky tits and hard nipples while using the other to rub and finger her tight slit. As good as her fingers feel, Leanne wants something more intense, so she gets out her favorite toy and presses it against her clit. The toy sends her into an orgasmic orbit. Eyes closed, lost in the moment, her hips bucked, and her abs clinched as this absolute hottie came like crazy all over her toy and fingers.

Private Christian’s Privates

Christian is on leave in a foreign city when his privates urge him to answer the call of duty. He answers an ad for “after hours” entertainment and discovers Venus Lux in all her sultry glory, ready to put his tender ass on maneuvers. She attacks his flank and then executes a frontal assault that leaves him breathless and wanting more!