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Policewoman From Germany Is Ordered To Stop Posting On Instagram

Adrienne Koleszar is one of the most beautiful women on Instagram, but this doesn’t mean that she is an influencer and that she doesn’t have a real job. Adrienne is in fact a policewoman and thanks to her healthy lifestyle and outrageous beauty, she won the “hottest policewoman” title in Germany. But she soon learned that she had to give up on her social media life. How did that happen and why?

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Report: Most Deepfakes for Porn, Not Politics

LOS ANGELES — According to a recent report, as seemingly with the internet itself, deepfakes were made for porn.

Cybersecurity company Deeptrace, which uses deep learning and computer vision to detect and monitor so-called “deepfakes” — synthetic videos created by artificial intelligence and based on existing media, such as the victim’s photo or a video clip — has revealed that there are nearly 15,000 deepfake videos now online.

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What’s this shit all about?

Voyeur Monkey Online NetworkNo Monkey Biz is where we fuck around doing whatever we want that we might think is interesting. Primarily though, we want to introduce our fans to what’s going on in the monkey jungle of free adult entertainment. We specialize in providing our fans with suggestions of fine fucking porn. We are constantly working with the best in the porn business to bring you samples of what people are fapping to all day and night. So check in once in a while. We’ve always got some goofy crap posted for your enjoyment.

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Sharing My Hot Asian Wife

Suzanne, My Hot Asian WifeRay Davidson and his wife, Suzanne, have been in the “hot wife/cuckold” lifestyle for a few years now. With Suzanne, a willing partner, they decided to explore this fantasy in an effort to add some spice to their 13-year-old marriage. Ray finally realized his fantasy of sharing Suzanne with other men, in fact, over 22 different men since starting. These stories are true and reflect the erotic adventures they have had and continue to have with Suzanne’s lovers. As for Suzanne, after getting over her initial trepidation, she enthusiastically endorsed her husband’s desire for an open marriage. It has introduced fireworks into their relationship and increased their erotic desire for each other more than they ever imagined. Join them in some of their adventures in this collection of real personal short stories.

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