State of the Network

It’s time for a Voyeur Monkey update! Heya! So lately we’ve been preoccupied with populating our three photo sites with new pics since we have a shit-pot of content sitting around unseen. The three sites are VM Vintage, VM Asian Fetish, VM Photos, and VM Hardcore. Okay, it’s four sites, so who the fuck is counting? At any rate, we’ve got plenty of free porn for our viewers and we love you so much we would suck your dicks on CNN. Okay, no we wouldn’t but we still love you.

One piece of news is all of our sites are on Cloudflare for optimum love and Voyeur Monkey Clips is on Cloudflare double secret probation! So that should enhance your viewing pleasure. Anyway, what else? Let’s see, Voyeur Monkey Live Cams is kicking ass. If you are tuned in on live cam action, our cam site is one of the best on the Internet and I’m not blowing smoke up your ass. Check it out, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about! We are the king of cams!

Well, I’ve had enough sweet-talking my viewers. I’ve got a bottle of red to get through and let’s not forget that yesterday was 4/20 and I still have to celebrate that!